Al Qasr Niche Line

We are delighted to introduce the Al Qasr Niche Line, for him. The elegant black box with Maroon velvet and gold bottles to match makes it the perfect gift for him. These are perfume oils that do not include alcohol and are all 3ml in size. A set is intended to last for more than a year.


About The Fragrances:

  1. Creed Gold – Described as a beautiful fresh scent with amazing projection.
  2. Oud Royal Platinum – Similar to Creed’s Oud Royal but with an extra niche kick to it. This is the Oud Royal which has a touch of white Oud within the composition.
  3. Santal Royal – A creamy buttery Sandalwood fragrance with a unique touch that screams out Niche the moment you apply the oil. A little dab of this and it will literally leave a trail wherever you go.
  4. Aqua Celestia – This is a refreshing unique summer scent full of fresh green notes. The very potent notes are noticeable from the first whiff.
  5. Amber Nuit – ‘Bright and luminous fresh notes of grapefruit and sunny bergamot as an exciting overture to intoxicating Turkish rose combined with passionate pink pepper. Warm amber notes round up the whole composition and leave a seductive effect.’
  6. Baccarat Rouge (Monte Cristo Grade) – A long-lasting luxury cotton candy-sweet and textured oil. This scent will make you want to suit up.
  7. Safari – Safari is a gorgeous velvet type of musky fragrance that lasts for ages on your skin. Once settled this oil gets nicer as time passes and blends in with your natural scent.
  8. Torc Oud – ‘Heady tones of rose, jasmine, pepper, and heliotrope in the nucleus give way to an earthy undertow embracing oud, orris, leather, musk, and patchouli, while a veritable banquet of top note fresh fruits enlivens the olfactory senses.’
  9. Grand Soir – A very rich, beautifully blended Amber and Vanilla perfume with touches of Tonka bean.
  10. Noire De Noire – Noire de noire is a subtle woody scent that has hints of vanilla. Similar to Noire De noire by Tom Ford.