Perfume Fakhar Al Oud Eau de Parfum with wood sticks.

This is a unisex, oriental, luxurious perfume. The spicy, woody notes create a rich and vibrant fragrance. Furthermore, the perfect addition to any perfume collection.

Top Notes:
The top notes offer an oriental whiff of Oudh, Nagarmotha, nutmeg, and saffron.
Middle Notes:
Sandalwood, cedar, and guaiac wood continue the woody theme. In addition, hints of flowery jasmine are complimented by patchouli and gurjun balsam.
Base Notes:
A warm and harmonious finish is provided by amber, musk, vanilla, and Tonka in the base note.

Overall, Fakhar Al Oud, The Pride of Oud, is a lush, elegant perfume, with rich and varied notes. Suitable for festive occasions and evenings out.

Main accords:

Woody, Oriental, Spicy, Oudh, Balsamic, Resinous.